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PPS - Professional Provident Society

The Professional Provident Society is the answer to all your short-term insurance needs!

It's so much easier to enjoy your home, your car and your precious possessions when you have the peace of mind of knowing they're covered by a sound insurance policy.

These days there's enough stress in daily living without the added stress of worrying about the loss of the things you value - let PPS Short-Term Insurance shoulder that burden for you!

Household Contents cover

(pps household insurance)

Filling your home with assets you have personally selected is one of life's true pleasures. And when you have invested time and money to surround yourself with beautiful things you want to ensure that their value is well protected. Although certain items are irreplaceable when lost, stolen or damaged, Household Contents Cover from PPS Short-Term Insurance will Ensure that you are compensated financially.

Motor Cover

(pps vehicle insurance)

While a world without vehicle theft or accidents would be wonderful to live in, these situations are an unfortunate reality, making it essential to cover your vehicle/s against the unforeseen. With Motor Cover from PPS Short-Term Insurance, these valuable assets will be well protected.

Buildings Cover

(pps buildings insurance)

PPS Short-Term Insurance offers you Buildings Cover to pro text your privately owned property against a range of hazardous and damaging incidents. This cover makes provision for damage caused by the elements like fire, hail, wind and severe storms and also includes protection against malicious damage and impact.

Personal Liability

(pps personal liability insurance)

During the period of your PPS Short-Term Insurance, if you become legally liable to pay compensation for causing accidental death, bodily injury or illness or accidental loss of or damage to property, we will cover you up to R10 Million.

All Risks Cover

(pps all risks insurance)

Let us cover the personal belongings carried on your person for peace of mind even when you are traveling abroad. Simply specify items like your designer sunglasses, jewelry, laptop, camera, leather jacket and cell phone under the 'All Risks' section of your policy.

Watercraft, Leisure Vehicles and Equipment Cover

(pps leisure vehicles & equipment insurance)

We recognize that many professionals engage in adventurous sporting activities in their leisure time. For this reason we offer cover for your leisure vehicles and equipment such as jet ski's, boats and caravans.

Optional Car Hire

(pps car hire insurance)

To avoid the inconvenience of not having transport should your vehicle be stolen or need repairs, PPS Short-Term Insurance offers you Car Hire for a small additional monthly contribution.

Roadside Assistance

(pps roadside assistance)

As a PPS Short-Term Insurance policyholder, your safety is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, you'll receive 24-hour roadside assistance seven days a week, whilst traveling on our country's roads.

NOTE: You must be an existing PPS member ** to qualify for PPS Short Term Insurance, University Graduates Only

**The following qualifies you for PPS Limited membership:
Cover is open to professional graduates under the age of 51, either in a self-owned practice or in corporate employment.

  • A four-year degree or two degrees which together constitute four or more years of study.
  • A three-year degree with an Honours degree.
  • A three-year degree with further diploma study.
  • Technikon degrees, such as B.Tech plus additional diploma, M.Tech and D.Tech.
  • Magistrates with a four-year university degree.
  • Lecturers at Colleges of higher learning.

Please note: This form is for a PPS Short-Term Insurance Quote (click here if you are inquiring about PPS Membership)

Here are a few great tips for keeping you protected while saving you money:

Practice safe driving – consider is a financial investment, as professionals with clean driving records secure better premium rates.
Know the premium factors – for example, the car value, age and safety record will determine the premium rate.  For example, factory-installed anti-theft device could reduce your premium.
Keep your car & household insurance with the same insurer – the more assets you cover, the less you pay, proportionally.  Not to mention the convenience of dealing with only one company.
Do not claim for small amounts – your No Claims Discount will decrease, which will result in a premium increase, due to the claims, which am not be financially beneficial to you over a 12 month period.
Free emergency, road & home assistance – find out if your insurer offers this benefit 24/7/365.
Review your policy at least once a year
– many professionals ignore the fact that some cars depreciate every three months, which could mean that you may be over–insured.
Insure household items at replacement value – not what you actually paid for it.
Get a valuation certificate for your jewellery – whether specified or not.  Make sure that you update the valuation every two years.


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