Union Life Funeral Plan Affordable Funeral Cover

The Union Life Funeral Plan:

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Union Life Funeral Plan Affordable Funeral Cover

Key features of the Union Life Funeral Cover:

  • lowest premiums
  • well respected company
  • no medicals
  • extended family option
  • quick payout
  • funeral services

Somebody once said that there are only two sure things in life - taxes and death. More often than not, the death of a loved one is the most unexpected event we face in the cycle of life. And usually it happens when we are least prepared to cope with the emotional and financial burden of a dignified last respect.

Designed and offered by Union Life Ltd, the Union Life Funeral Plan is a funeral insurance package that provides you with the finances when needed most.

Union Life Funeral Cover

Union Life


A premium of R52 per month, on the other hand,
will provide R13 000 funeral cover for yourself, your spouse
and children.

The Union Life Funeral Plan also offers you the flexibility to add extended family members to the base policy. These include parents and parents-in-law, brothers and sisters, not legally adopted children and uncles and aunts.

No medical questions are asked, but there is an initial waiting period of six months before full cover applies. However; during the waiting period you are covered for death caused by accidents, provided the deceased did not contribute to his own death - the normal benefit will be payable.

Cash is available within 48 hours after we receive the required documents such as a certified death certificate, the Union Life Funeral Plan membership certificate and a claim document.

Previously the Union Life Funeral Plan was only available to groups of employees.
Individual cover, now available only through direct internet application (cost effective), hence probably the lowest premiums in this industry (any policy that you buy is only as good as the company that issues it and its claims-paying ability).

What are the monthly premiums?

Single person or parent up to age 65 next birthday
R6 500
R30, 00
Single person or parent up to age 65 next birthday
R13 000
R52, 00
Single person aged 66 - 75 next birthday
R6 500
R54, 00
Family up to age 65 next birthday of oldest member
R6 500
R52, 00
Family up to age 65 next birthday of oldest member
R13 000
R100, 00

Extended Family Premiums

(please take note: maximum entry age 75 years next birthday)
Age Bracket of extended family member
R6 500
R 13 000
1 to 15 years next birthday
R6.00 R11.00
16 to 25 years next birthday
R9.00 R14.00
26 to 40 years next birthday
R23.00 R47.00
41 to 50 years next birthday
R25.00 R51.00
51 to 60 years next birthday
R31.00 R56.00
61 to 65 years next birthday
R33.00 R61.00
66 to 70 years next birthday
R44.00 R79.00
71 to 75 years next birthday
R64.00 R117.00

Get started now with your Union Life Funeral Plan with this quick and easy application form!

Union Life - Terms and Conditions

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