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Itransact ETF Investment Platform - Retirement Annuity (RA's)

* JE Financial Consulting is a JSE accredited Financial Services Provider for Exchange Traded Funds and licensed to provide advice.

Itransact Itransact

Don’t let the cost of investing cost you your retirement.

Introducing the new generation, low-cost, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Retirement Annuity (RA) from Itransact.

The Itransact retirement annuity invests in the same blue-chip assets as other retirement annuities. So, why does it cost less?

• Our retirement annuity uses passively-managed, low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to fulfil the asset allocation limits prescribed by Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

• Using passively-managed ETFs in a retirement annuity eliminates many of the risks, complexities and costs associated with active management.

• Passive management makes no attempt to beat the market; it merely provides the return of the market – no more, no less – resulting in lower costs. Actively-managed funds try to beat their benchmarks by distinguishing “attractive” from “unattractive” securities, predicting prices and attempting to time markets and sectors. This requires a high level of skill, which comes at a price, resulting in higher costs.

• Overwhelming evidence suggests that passive investment strategies outperform most active investment strategies over the long term – mainly because of their lower costs.

Risk profile
1 2 3 4 5
Lower risk       Higher risk
Potentially lower reward       Potentially higher reward

Itransact has created three risk-appropriate, passively-managed, goal-directed Retirement Annuity portfolios – Cautious, Balanced and Growth.

•Conservative (risk profile no. 1)

•Cautious (risk profile no. 2)

•Moderate (risk profile no. 3)

•Growth (risk profile no. 4)

This risk adjusted ETF investment portfolio is specifically designed for retirement savings, ensuring that your savings contained within the portfolio are properly diversified across, and within, the appropriate asset classes as prescribed by Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act of 1956; in order to control and reduce investment risk.

The following table gives the rolling annualised return figures from the portfolio historical growth chart.

Portfolios Last 1 year Last 2 years Since Inception
Conservative 5.50%   5.47%
Cautious 5.97% 9.59% 8.69%
Moderate 7.71% 11.67% 8.88%
Growth 6.67% 11.49% 8.83%
Source: Sunstrike Capital (Pty) Ltd, May 2016.
(past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance)

Benefits of the Itransact RA Platform:

  • Affordable You can invest by debit order for as little as R300 per month or with a once-off R5000.
  • Tax Efficient There is no income tax, capital gains tax or dividend-withholding tax to to eat into your retirement.
  • No Penalties You can stop or start your premiums when it suits you.
  • Transparent Costs There is no layering of administration costs or hidden fees to undermine your retirement income.
  • Forced Saving You cannot access your savings before you’re 55.
  • No Complexity You invest in simple, low-cost, risk-appropriate Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolios
  • Strict Governance Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act ensures that all retirement funds are properly diversified across and within appropriate asset classes to reduce investment risk.

Keep it simple.

(Itransact is Automated Outsourcing Services (Pty) Ltd, (AOS) a licensed administrative financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act)

For your convenience please complete this short form, Itransact ETF RA Platform, to request more information and how to apply.

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