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The Professional Provident Society is the largest multi-disciplinary group of graduate professionals in the world, offering exclusive insurance, investments and healthcare solutions specifically tailored to meet their needs.

PPS - Professional Provident Society offers:

The Professional Provident Society South Africa boasts in excess of 200,000 members who enjoy access to a comprehensive suite of financial and healthcare products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduate professionals. Our members have one thing in common - they all have at least four years of tertiary education behind them, and great futures ahead of them.

Professional Provident Society is the only South African company of its kind that still embraces an ethos of mutuality, which means that we exist solely for the benefit of our members - the 'shareholders'. Thus, policyholders can share in the net operating income and investment returns of PPS Insurance and those with PPS Investments products can share the profits of PPS Investments.

Professional Provident Society membership provides access to the following tried, tested and trusted products and services: PPS Insurance, PPS Short-Term Insurance, PPS Beneficiaries Trust, PPS Investments and Profmed Medical Scheme.

What makes the PPS Group unique?

  • are owned exclusively by their policyholders.
  • are managed by a Board made up of policyholders and representatives from professional associations.
  • have in excess of 200,000 graduate professional policyholders.
  • policyholders benefit from all surplus income and profits from investments.
  • benefit rates are extremely competitive.
  • Your surplus rebate lump sum on retirement or resignation is completely tax-free.
  • Policyholders under 30 may pay a reduced premium rate on Ordinary Benefit Options.
  • The premium rate applicable at the date of application is fixed throughout your policy term.

**The following qualifies you for PPS Limited membership:
Cover is open to professional graduates under the age of 51, either in a self-owned practice or in corporate employment.

  • A four-year degree or two degrees which together constitute four or more years of study.
  • A three-year degree with an Honours degree.
  • A three-year degree with further diploma study.
  • Technikon degrees, such as B.Tech plus additional diploma, M.Tech and D.Tech.
  • Magistrates with a four-year university degree.
  • Lecturers at Colleges of higher learning.

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PPS Insurance South Africa

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