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Profmed - Medical Aid Fund

Profmed Medical Aid scheme


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As the largest medical scheme in South Africa exclusively for graduate professionals, Profmed is focused on providing you with quality medical cover with extensive benefits to match your professional lifestyle. Prestige service and an approach of premium care are the hallmarks of Profmed - which have earned us the status and standing as the preferred choice for the discerning few who want to see their own levels of excellence reflected in their financial decisions.

Profmed's focus is on continuing to provide you with the truly exceptional benefits you've come to expect from Profmed, while at the same time remaining committed to keeping contributions competitive.

Profmed invites you to join the growing number of professionals that have moved to a scheme that provides for their professional medical needs.

  • Provides members with quality medical cover and professional advice
  • Rates for graduate students are the lowest in the industry
  • Oncology cover is unlimited on all Profmed options
  • Financially stable with solvency levels in excess of statutory requirements
  • Membership is exclusively available to graduate professionals
  • Expectant mothers can enjoy full cover from the first day of membership
  • Deposits and co-payments are not required on hospital admissions.
  • International medical assistance available to all members

Profmed Medical Aid Quote - Click Here

Which option do I choose?

  • I am a Student *...I only need hospital cover (pps hospital plan)
  • Choose... Profmed ProActive (reduced rates apply to students)

  • I only need...cover for planned or emergency hospital admissions (pps hospital plan)
  • Choose... Profmed ProActive
    Choose... Profmed ProActive Plus

  • I Need... cover for planned or emergency hospital admissions as well as day-to-day benefits
  • Choose... Profmed ProSecure
    Choose... ProfmedPro Secure Plus
    Choose... Profmed ProPinnacle

  • I Need... benefits for one of the listed chronic conditions and my chronic medication cost is less than R1000 per month
  • Choose... Profmed ProSecure - annual limits apply
    Choose... Profmed ProSecure Plus - annual limits apply

  • I Need... benefits for one of the listed chronic conditions and my chronic medication cost is more than R1000 per month
  • Choose... Profmed ProPinnacle (cover for 59 chronic conditions with no benefit limit)

* Student must meet eligibility criteria

Eligiblity criteria

Cover is open to professional graduates under the age of 51, either in a self-owned practice or in corporate employment.

Complete your details in FULL and allow 48 hours turnaround on Profmed quotation requests.

Profmed Medical Aid Quote - Click Here

NOTE: You must be an existing PPS member or qualify for PPS Membership**, in order to apply for the Profmed Medical Aid Scheme (University Graduates Only, If Not click here for a free online comparative quote on SA's top medical aid funds).

**The following qualifies you for PPS Limited membership:
Cover is open to professional graduates under the age of 51, either in a self-owned practice or in corporate employment.

  • A four-year degree or two degrees which together constitute four or more years of study.
  • A three-year degree with an Honours degree.
  • A three-year degree with further diploma study.
  • Technikon degrees, such as B.Tech plus additional diploma, M.Tech and D.Tech.
  • Magistrates with a four-year university degree.
  • Lecturers at Colleges of higher learning.

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