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Credit life insurance is a single need assurance product that you take out when you buy goods on credit. Should you die or become disabled before you have totally repaid the amount owed, this insurance will pay the outstanding amount on your behalf. Credit life insurance is also known as ‘Credit Protections’ or ‘Installment Protection” and is often sold as part of a loan or credit agreement.


Protects your dependants against any financing debt like:

  • Home Loans
    • Bond Cover
    • Home Loan Protection
    • Bond Life Insurance
  • Vehicles
    • Car Finance
  • Overdrafts
    • Bank Debt
  • Appliances
    • Loan repayments
    • Credit agreement
  • Children education
    • Personal loans


  • will, in the event of your death, pay out the outstanding capital on a short term (such as your car financing) or long term (such as your home loan) debt to your financier

  • is a “decreasing sum assured” product, which means that the pay-out amount drops in line with the repayments you make on your loan

  • includes the option to take occupation-based disablement cover as well as dread disease cover

  • is valid for the whole loan contract period or outstanding period (if you start the life policy after you took your loan) or until a disablement, death or dread disease claim is made and paid out

  • covers you immediately for accidental death

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