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PPS - Professional Provident Society


The PPS Retirement Annuity Fund offers you:

  • Tax advantages on your contributions, portfolio growth and final payout
  • Guaranteed options on both the returns and capital
  • The choice of multiple investment funds according to your risk profile and investment objectives
  • The flexibility to change between funds at any time
  • The flexibility to change your premiums to suit your needs, i.e. start off with a single lump sum or pay your contributions monthly or annually
  • Further flexibility by injecting extra lump sum amounts at any time to your monthly/annual retirement annuity when you have excess funds
  • Transparent charges so that you know exactly how much you are investing

Special bonus allocation

The unique benefit of the PPS Retirement Annuity Fund is the payment of a special bonus allocation to members of PPS Insurance who hold a PPS Retirement Annuity policy. The special bonus allocation is calculated annually for each member in proportion to the total PPS Retirement Annuity contributions paid during the year. This allocation is then credited to your PPS Insurance Surplus rebate Account in addition to the annual bonus allocation you receive on your PPS Insurance units of benefits.

Choice of PPS Retirement Annuity investment funds

Two types of PPS Retirement Annuity policies are available to members, which offer different investment funds at different minimum required contributions. The two policies are the following:

  • PPS Stratus Retirement Annuity
  • PPS Stratus Premier Retirement Annuity

As an additional benefit and feature of the PPS Stratus Retirement Annuity option, members may also choose the PPS Lifetime Investment option (LTIO), a facility that manages the asset allocation of funds over a long period and through different life stages, up to retirement.

PPS Investments

The Professional Provident Society (PPS), a trusted and recognised provider of risk benefits to its professional client base since 1941 announced today that it is to create an independent investment company, PPS Investments. PPS Investments will offer exclusively to PPS members a range of transparent, flexible and cost-effective investment products. These multi-managed products will compete with the new unit trust linked best of breed retirement products.

“However we realise that while PPS has an extensive member base and distribution network, our traditional expertise does not lie in the field of providing investment products. Thus we have partnered with one of the country’s leading fund managers and unit trust providers, Coronation Fund Managers. Coronation Fund Managers has the necessary skills in delivering new business ventures and retail investment products.

The range of multi-managed products to be offered by PPS Investments will include the PPS Personal Pension, PPS Preservation Pension and Provident Funds, PPS Living Annuity, PPS Endowment Plan as well as a suite of risk-profiled PPS multi-managed Unit Trusts.

John Marsden
PPS – Insurance for Professionals

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