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Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is something we are all faced with at one time or another in our lives, especially if you own property or other fixed assets.

What is Bridging Finance?

If you own,fixed property, like residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural,and you decide that the day has come to sell that asset and buy something new, then you will more than likely need to get bridging finance.

Why do I need Bridging Finance?

If you sold your house, and you sold it for more than you bought it, or was worth, then you are getting a profit on the transaction. This leaves you with a nice cushion to use as a deposit on your new purchase.


The bank will only pay out that amount once the property has been officially signed over to the other party, and we all know how long that can take!

Meanwhile, you are sitting without a house. Your option? Bridging Finance!

Bridging finance will provide you with the funds you need now while you are awaiting the funds that you have to clear.

We can arrange property bridging finance as well as Invoice Factoring, for up to 12 months!

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Types of Bridging Finance:

1. Pension Bridging : If your pension is due to be paid out and you need the money earlier, then in most cases we can assist with an advance loan of up to 80 % of the pension value but subject to certain conditions.

2. Estate Agents Commission Bridging : The purchaser has arranged his bond or finances for the purchase of a property and the attorney is in  a position to issue a Letter of Undertaking that the funds are secure. Both seller and purchaser have signed all relevant docs and transfer of property is the next step. With the consent of the Principle Estate Agent, an agent can have and advance on a portion of the commission due on the deal.

3. Invoice Bridging (Discounting) : Only after the client  has delivered the goods or performed the service, can an invoice or many invoices be bridged ( advance payments made). In the case of where there is a confirmed order for goods ( not services) and the client has not got the money to purchase the goods for his customer, then a bridging facility is possible..subject to due diligence.

4. Equity Release (Property) : If a client owns a property and there is "free" equity in the property, then up to 80 % of this equity can be released within 10 days subject to certain conditions. This is short term lending of up to 9 months maximum.

5. Mezzanine Finance / Developers Finance : Developers that own land and need to get funds released to go ahead with development, can have access to mezzanine finance. The land is used as security and equity released to the client.

6. Sellers Proceeds : A client has sold a property for a profit. Up to 80 % of the profit can be advanced to the client so long as the attorney handling the transacting is in a position to give a Letter of Undertaking that  the purchaser has placed guarantees in place ( bond or security).

7.Purchase Order Bridging :If you have an order from a client but cannot afford to finance the import or purchase of the goods, we can provide funding.

All bridging finance is subject to lenders conditions and granted at the sole discretion of the lender.

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Business Related Bridging Finance

  • Single Invoice Factoring advance payments on all or selected debtors
  • Property Bridging Finance developers looking for bridging finance
  • Inventory Funding funds to buy inventory with a longer pay back term
  • Pay your creditors in advance and make money.

Property Related Bridging Finance

  • Equity Release:up to 80 % of your property equity advanced in 5 days.
  • Sellers of properties up to 80 % of equity on sale of a property available
  • Estate agents advances of up to 80 % of commissions due
  • Transfer Duties advances eliminate delays on transactions
  • Further Bond advances on 2nd bonds
  • Developers cash advances for up to 6 months

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