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Medical Aid Schemes for Employers /Employees
  • Employees unhappy with current medical aid fund?
  • Looking for a new medical aid fund for your employees?
  • Paying to much for current medical fund?
  • Looking for value for money in your medical aid fund?
  • Experiencing bad service from your current medical aid fund?
  • Looking for a leading corporate health consultancy that specialises in providing objective independent healthcare consultation services?

More than 100 options available from all the Top Medical Aid Schemes

  • Liberty Medical Aid
  • Discovery Health Medical Aid
  • Fedhealth Medical Aid
  • Resolution Health Medical Aid
  • Bonitas Medical Aid
  • Momentum Health Medical Aid
  • Genesis Medical Aid
  • Medihelp Medical Aid
  • Oxygen Medical Aid
  • Munimed Medical Aid
  • Prosano Medical Aid
  • Nimas Medical Aid
  • Spectramed Medical Aid
  • Bestmed Medical Aid
  • Topmed Medical Aid

and many more...

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