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The financial consequences of a critical illness or an incapacitating accident can often be worse than those of death. You want to be certain that you will have sufficient funding for the necessary lifestyle adjustments you and your family will need to make.

PPS Professional Health Provider™ (PHP) is one of the most comprehensive and innovative critical illness and physical impairment benefits on the market today. And it is exclusively for the protection of qualified graduate professionals like you.

PHP covers most known dread diseases including, cancer, leukaemia, heart disease and strokes. Physical impairments such as paraplegia, loss of use of limbs, blindness and deafness are also covered.

Reasons to choose PPS Professional Health Provider™

  • Choose between term PHP and whole life PHP cover
  • You can convert your term cover to whole life cover at any time*
  • You can keep your full cover if you emigrate or travel overseas
  • Hazardous pursuits are covered at no additional premium
  • You can keep your PHP cover if you change your occupation to one which doesn’t meet PPS eligibility criteria
  • PHP CatchAll Cover** (optional) covers all known and unknown serious and permanent medical or physical conditions (lump-sum benefit)
  • PHP Maternity Cover** (optional) pays a lump sum for pregnancy complications
  • You can claim multiple times for an unrelated event or condition (except for cardiovascular benefit and PHP CatchAll Cover)
  • You can temporarily stop paying premiums for a maximum period of 36 months, for example to study further, without penalties (The cessation of payment would have to be approved by PPS Insurance and no benefits are payable during this period)

PPS - Professional Health Preserver

I want to know…

Dread disease policies usually make you wait before paying out. How does PPS Professional Health Provider™ work?

For a claim to be valid you must survive for a period of 14 days after the event occurs or the condition is diagnosed. Different survival periods apply to certain conditions such as, heart attack, stroke and paralysis.

Does PPS Insurance cover accidental HIV infection?

Yes. This benefit is especially valuable to medical professionals. Accidental HIV infection cover is included at no additional premium.

How much lump sum benefit do I receive?

The benefit you receive is proportionate to the severity of the diagnosed illness or impairment event.

How does PPS Insurance assess a claim for PHP CatchAll Cover?

Assessment is done based on the concept of Whole Persons Impairment (WPI) established by the American Medical Association’s Guide to Permanent Impairment. This method is objective and recognized as standard assessment criteria by the global medical industry for impairment claims.

What are the severity levels?

There are four severity levels. These levels have been set in alignment with the relative severity of the dread disease or impairment event. The severity levels are assessed in terms of PPS Insurance medical protocols.

The severity levels are as follows:

  • Level A pays 100% of the benefit cover
  • Level B pays 75% of the benefit cover
  • Level C pays 50% of the benefit cover
  • Level D pays 25% of the benefit cover
Does PPS Professional Health Provider™ cover trauma conditions?

Yes. Gunshot wounds, reconstructive surgery*, accidental injury, coma and major burns are all covered.

How is my benefit protected against inflation?

At the discretion of the Board of PPS Insurance, annual increases are declared to reduce the eroding effects of inflation. Benefits and premiums are increased by the declared percentage on 1 January each year.

How does PHP Maternity Cover work?

The PHP Maternity Cover is an add-on benefit with its own sum assured, which covers pregnancy complications up until the age of 44. The benefit pays in four severity levels. You can claim until 100% of PHP Maternity Cover** benefit has been paid, irrespective of whether you are claiming for a related or unrelated condition. Benefits claimed under this do not affect the main sum assured.

Am I covered if I experience another unrelated condition?

Yes. The maximum cover is automatically preserved for unrelated events*.

How do multiple claims work?

For example; Mr Smith has R 1million PHP cover. He is diagnosed with Stage 1 prostate cancer for which he receives 25% of PHP benefit. Two years later he has a new diagnosis of Stage 1 lung cancer (an unrelated condition) and receives another 25%, as the cover is preserved for unrelated claims.

A year later this lung cancer progresses to Stage 4. He receives the additional 75% benefit (100% - 25%) for this condition. His benefit however is not exhausted and should his unrelated prostate cancer progress, he will be paid for this condition too. This means that even if you have claimed the full benefit, your cover is preserved and you are able to claim again for an unrelated event or condition.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for PPS Professional Health Provider™ you must satisfy the eligibility criteria for PPS membership.

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