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PPS - Professional Provident Society

Please complete this short form below and:

Get Expert Advice on All the Benefits of the Professional Provident Society (PPS) by Authorized and Accredited PPS consultants.

all graduates and PPS members themselves

*Description of Gross Professional Income (GPI):

**Qualification for PPS membership:

* The number of units of benefit a member may apply for is determined by their annual Gross Professional Income (GPI):
  • For a practitioner (either alone or in partnership) who earns a professional income only by charging a fee for services, the gross professional income is used to determine his allowable Units of benefit.
  • For a practitioner who “trades” in addition to charging a professional fee, the income must be split between the two categories. Once this is done the sum of the following will be used.
    - The gross professional income based on the fees charged; and
    - The net income from trading activities
  • In the case of employed professionals the “Cost to Company” figure is used to determine the amount of cover a person qualifies for.
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**The following qualifies you for PPS membership:
Cover is open to professional graduates under the age of 51, either in a self-owned practice or in corporate employment.

  • A four-year degree or two degrees which together constitute four or more years of study.
  • A three-year degree with an Honours degree.
  • A three-year degree with further diploma study.
  • Technikon degrees, such as B.Tech plus additional diploma, M.Tech and D.Tech.
  • Magistrates with a four-year university degree.
  • Lecturers at Colleges of higher learning.
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