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PPS - Professional Provident Society

As a graduate professional, you use your hard-earned professional knowledge and expertise to generate an income. Should you fall ill, suffer an injury or at worst, become permanently incapacitated, you want to be certain that your day-to-day expenses will be taken care of whilst you’re unable to work.


Also called Income Protection Cover (Sickness and Permanent Income)


Is this an income protection cover?

If you had an income protection policy, you would have to prove loss of income when you claim. With PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit you do not need to prove loss of income – all you require is a valid medical certificate** from your doctor and your completed claim form.

What level of sickness benefit do I need?

If you would like to increase PPS Sickness Benefit beyond that which you could receive from Ordinary Units of Benefit (UOB) you hold, you can:

  • Buy additional Supplementary A and Supplementary B UOB
  • Add Hospital Benefit option to your portfolio
  • Add Accident UOB should you wish to enjoy additional
    benefit after an accident

What level of permanent incapacity benefit do I need?

If you would like to increase PPS Permanent Incapacity Benefit beyond that which you could receive from the Ordinary Units of Benefit (UOB) you hold, you can:

  • Buy Deferred UOB; and
  • Add Occupation Specific Rider Benefit™ option to your portfolio

What if I want to take a sabbatical to study further?

Whilst remaining a policyholder of PPS Insurance, you have an option to temporarily cease payment of premiums while, for example, pursuing further studies. You would need to notify us in advance to ensure your policy is not suspended. No benefit is payable during the sabbatical or for the three months after you resume premium payment.

I plan to emigrate. What happens then, am I still covered?

Good news – with PPS Insurance you retain your cover if you emigrate. Premiums and claims must be paid in South African Rand, subject to the restrictions imposed by the South African Reserve Bank.

Reasons to choose PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit

  • No external shareholders in PPS – policyholders can share
    in the net operating income and investment returns earned
    by PPS Insurance
  • Exceptionally low risk profile of our professional members
    ensures extremely competitive premium rates
  • The younger you are when you purchase Units of Benefit, the lower your premium
  • A reduced premium for policyholders younger than 30
  • Hazardous pursuits - scuba diving, private flying, climbing, paragliding, parachuting – are covered at no additional premium
  • You are covered even if you decide to emigrate or take
    up temporary work abroad
  • You don’t have to prove loss of income in order to claim for illness, injury or permanent incapacity
  • The benefit pays regardless of any other policies or insurance cover you may have
  • Free bonus Units of Benefit are granted to permanently incapacitated policyholders annually, in order to increase their monthly income
  • PPS Sickness Benefit is paid tax-free
  • You can temporarily stop paying your premiums, for example to study further, without penalties. (The ‘cessation’ of payment would have to be approved by PPS Insurance and no benefits apply during this period.)

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