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These products are available exclusively to you as a PPS member, to assist you in building retirement capital, providing post-retirement income and for any other important savings and investment objectives that you may have.

The products are strikingly simple and uncomplicated. You will choose underlying investments from a range of daily priced unit trusts, which ensures that you are always able to obtain current investment valuations. You have the freedom to manage your investment by switching between unit trusts without limitation or punitive costs.

Our product fees are refreshingly clear, transparent and competitive.

PPS Personal Pension

The PPS Personal Pension is an individual pension fund which allows you to take charge of planning for your post-retirement financial security. It provides an ideal way for you to build retirement capital while remaining completely in control of your investment, within a structured and tax-efficient framework. The flexible design of the PPS Personal Pension is particularly suited to members who are self-employed or who have irregular earning patterns, as you are able to stop, reduce and resume contributions into your fund at any time without incurring any financial penalties.

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PPS Preservation Funds

The PPS Preservaytion Funds are pre-retirement products which are structure to preserve your retirement capital once you have left either a pension or provident fund and are particularly beneficial to members who have changed employment aas a result of retrenchment, resignation or the closing of an occupational retirement fund. You may transfer to a preseervation pension or provident fund without paying tax at transfer,w hich means you are able to delay your tax liability until retirement. Preserving the tax status of an investment in this way has the effect of maximising the tax-free lump sum available and translates into higher investment returns.

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PPS Living Annuity

The PPS Living Annuity provides income after you have retired from a retirement annuity, pension, provident or preservation fund. An appropriate investment portfolio can be created from the PPS Preferred Funds range of Unit Trusts. THe PPS Living Annuity is designed to allow you the flexibility to change your level of post-retirement income and/or switch between investment options as circumstances change without incurring any penalties.

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PPS Endowment Plan

The PPS Endowment Plan is a tax-efficient investment vehicle which is structured with the creation of long-term wealth in mind. It is most suitable for investors with a marginal tax rate greater than 30% and a minimum investment time horizon of five years. The PPS Endowment Plan offers you unlimited flexibility in changing your underlying investments as well as in managing the timing of investments into the fund.

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